Dale's Garbage Service, Inc.

Locally Owned and Operated Since 1982


Proudly servicing the Ascension Parish area since 1982. Our company is devoted to customer satisfaction and insuring no cart is left behind. When it comes to handling your waste needs, we know how important dependable curbside garbage pickup and disposal are to you. We work to exceed your expectations with quality trash collection carts, garbage pickup reliability, and outstanding customer service. Your support of local small businesses is appreciated.

Curbside Service

Weekly curbside garbage collection of household waste. We  provide you with a 96 gallon cart for service.

Residential Curbside Garbage Collection

With our new fleet of trucks and technology we can provide a clean, safe, and dependable service at an affordable price. Using fully automated trucks our carts are serviced curbside making your residential collection experience quick, easy, and efficient as possible.



Georgia L.

Dales Garbage Services is always on time and consistently does a phenomenal job. They've even gone above and beyond a couple of times when something fell out of my can, and they stopped and made sure it was picked up. 5-star review for Dales and if there was a 6 star, they'd get that. Highly recommend this service. I also hear they have doing it this way for 40 years? Wow. All I can say is "keep up the outstanding job you do Dales Garbage Service" and thank you for being a garbage service that I can count on in Ascension parish.

John S.

...I would highly recommend, as they always display impeccable service. Thank you!

Alexis M.

Great local people and fantastic service! Never disappointed!

Cynthia S.

My husband and I have used Dale's Garbage service for 25 years and we have only had a very positive experience with them and their service. They are consistent in their work, which is always top-notch, and are competitive in terms of their pricing. I am very happy to be associated with such a good local business.

Tonya V.

Prompt service. My garbage can is always placed back after it is emptied, upright & in the same place that I put it out.

Juliette P.

I would like to say thank you to Dale's Garbage Service. I have been using this service for over 6 years and they have never failed to pick up my trash. Thank you for a job well done.

Barbara V.

Dale's has excellent garbage pick-up service. I have been using them for 7 years and no complaints and no missed pickups, not even on Holidays when other garbage pick up services will not operate.


I have had nothing but excellent service with Dale's. I cannot say that about two other competitors who were nightmares. I have never had a missed pickup. I receive emails regarding holiday service. Would highly recommend them.

Eileen A.

Dale's has been a part of our household for 15 years +. Mr. Dale is a very caring and compassionate individual. When I was in a hot spot, he worked with me on my bill. When I had surgery and I was walking slowly down to the drive, he patiently waited on me. (I should have had the can out the night before! ) And there have been numerous times (shame on me) that I did not have the cans out the night before that he's come early, catching me running the can/cans down to the curb! He's always waited patiently for me and signaled one finger or two fingers to see if I was bringing just one or both cans down. God bless you for your patience. The cans are always left close to where I put them - never in the street or thrown about the front year. Great service! My family loves Dale's. Thank you Mr. Dale!!

Kat C.

Awesome service. Competitive prices. They don't leave trash cans in the street or ditch. After flooding they helped the community by picking up more than once a week and if the trash was bagged near the can they'd refill the can and dump it multiple times. No extra charge. Amazingly helpful.

Courtney B.